How It Works

RepDonkey captures this data effortlessly and seamlessly, organizing records and timelines that are both useful to the user and team members of the organizations that would benefit from this information to accomplish cross functional tasks. At the beginning of the sales cycle when a customer is captured and the first meeting is set all the way through shipping and invoicing the customer, the data is there. The invoices to the customers are automatically uploaded, the appointments and meetings are already entered, and the product discussions have already been recorded. RepDonkey just pairs them up and easily displays to the management team what is working and what is not. Meanwhile, all the sales person does is SELL, SELL, SELL.

How did RepDonkey discover the Holy Grail of sales tracking and management? We did this through a comprehensive study of the very top sales producers, spanning over three decades. We found similarities at the lowest common denominators and discovered how these highly successful salespeople use databases. We took these findings and engineered a set of tools to enhance any CRM so that you could get real world, highly intuitive information in real ­time from your CRM. When you are able to output the information that RepDonkey provides, sales teams are pleased to add new customers, information and maintain customer records to take advantage of the tools that RepDonkey provides for them.

RepDonkey gathers data in a familiar appointment/calendar interface, customers and/or accounts are located/created by a typomatic search and the date and time is clicked. The only additional data required, is a selection of products to be discussed, rough quantities and the likelihood, in percentage, of closing. This is done at the inception of the meeting and then a single click completes the entries after the meeting is done. Appointment edits can be updated if quantities, close percentages, or additional products are changed. Minimal typing and less than 6 clicks make the process simple, with an investment of 5 minutes a day spent in CRM. We have also implemented a notes section for companies or departments that would like to take advantage of specific tags or words need to be inserted into drive reports. To guarantee ease of use, we have implemented a select, click, save and done method. This guarantees a high rate of CRM interaction.

All the product information and invoice data is uploaded by the RepDonkey team. Real CRM management done simply. High usage rate and real-life information for realtime sales activities. CRM done the way it should be.

What makes RepDonkey even more amazing? We use off of the shelf CRM’s as the backend. All the data is currently saved in ZOHO CRM so you can do with the data as you please. Customized reports and all the unlimited features you could ever want. The best part? You are not backed into a database corner by RepDonkey. You can pack your bags and migrate to any other CRM at any time, with standard data stored in familiar formats. We just customize the CRM for you and give you an interface that not just speeds things up, it changes the way your company uses and interacts with the data.

Customers want these SAME THINGS.Real Data…Real time…not a bunch of meaningless words. RepDonkey is the Solution.