Why RepDonkey

The education path for the sales management profession is a circuitous one. Most managers either “learned on the job” or learned by being managed by others. Some have collected degrees in Sales and Marketing Management, but rarely is the behavior and psychology of the top producers in sales discussed. At RepDonkey, we are only interested in what, why’s and how’s of the top producers in sales. We support the top producers and catch that “lightning in a bottle”. And then we duplicate it and scale it up BIG.

RepDonkey collaborates with your team to make it your own. RepDonkey provides the power working behind the scenes and your clients experience massive output. Massive!

Salespeople do not want to be forced or patronized, they want to produce. Sales managers do not want to hear about pipe-dreams and folly, they need real data to make real plans and real information to share with executives. They need the truth, not wishes… RepDonkey delivers just that!