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If you are an executive tracking your team’s performance or a sales executive generating metrics, your time is precious. Let RepDonkey help make your life easier! It’s not just CRM. It is a transparency, accountability, and success system.

Designed by sales execs for sales execs.

Fewer Keystrokes = Greater Adoption.

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Real Time Data Analytics & Reports

Provide live metrics to your manufactures, the channel, and your management team through independent secure portals.

Simple Quote

A quote can be generated with as little as three clicks.

Invoice & Order

Provide live metrics to you manufactures, customers, and management team.


Enable customers to view and generate their data live. Pull them to your website to view quotes and secure price data.

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We support all major platforms.

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Noteworthy contact with a customer can be recorded as real data with just a few clicks and no chatter.

Pipeline Management

“Mass Update” open opportunities.   Select a dozen and kick the can till next week.  You are on PTO!.  Let the Donkey point out opportunities that have orders that match!  Batch them and close them all WON!  In seconds,  not hours.

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Simple design enables easy and intuitive navigation of the application.

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We are hear to help make your life easier. A team of consultants and developers are available to assist with the most complicated conversion as well as the simple ones.

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